Visited to the Elephanta Caves. It was a rip off island!?


※This page might be difficult to understand cuz I'm just learning English, sorry. but I wrote down in detail !! I'd love to read it if you planning in this Island.


About a month passed from Mumbai travel !!

I'm gonna write down about Mumbai travel before I'll foget it.

It was so funny defference of culture in japan.

This time talking about,,, Elephanta Caves!!


Speaking of the Mumbai-torist spot is Elephanta Caves!!

Munbai has not much torist spot.

so always taken up the Island as a Munbai-torist spot.

This time I went to there by myself.

I'm gonna summarizing How to way of doing, and How much does it takes,and more..

Pls check it out!! 




A boat is out from the Indian gate

From the Indian gate we've started off to the Elephanta Island.

You must buy the round trip-boat ticket infront of entrance.

Ticket counter infront of the entrance.

Ticket counter infront of the entrance.

・ Boat ticket fee is  ADULT: Rs.200  CHILD: Rs.125

If you'll got it, Do not lose it until you return here.

Because it's round trip ticket.

The boat is staying near the harbar, walk to there.

You can get round trip boat ticket here !!

You can get round trip boat ticket here !!

・Boat 2nd floor takes more Rs.20

Bort has 2nd floor, but it takes more Rs.20

If you want to go 2nd floor, you'll pay extra the flont of stair on the ship.

This is a tickets. Boat fee is Rs.200

This is a tickets. Boat fee is Rs.200

・It takes about 40-50mins to the Elephanta Island. so long..

It takes long time, about 40-50mins.

If you get easy to seasick, you should take a madicene beforehand.

Gas smells so bad around the engine and behind the one.

Also bad splashes ahead of the ship.

and 2nd floor is too hot...

I think the best seat is the middle of the boat.

most tourist is Indian !!

most tourist is Indian !!

This is the Elephanta Island !!

・Let's take the mini train !! (10 Rs.)

I recomend to taking the mini train !! It's Rs.10/per

Because litte bit far from habor to central erea !

It takes about 5-10min.

Really hot outside and get tired than usual, so take it better.

There are wild animal here and there !!

There are wild animal here and there !!

・Get to the central erea, climb the long long staircase!! 

Let's climb the long long looooong staircase!!

But beforehand, stop by common restroom.

There is right side of central erea, and behind of the restrant.  

It takes few tips(below Rs.1), but not so dirty and safety!!

elephanta island common restroom.

common restroom.

・Souvenir shop is besiclly rip-off!!

There are many souvenir shop but that's too high-price!!

I got a small Elephant figurine, first price was Rs.2000!!

and then, I bought Rs.1500..but!!

I found out same one in the city shop, how...!!

Only Rs.250!!!!

Even at the airport-shop about Rs.1000 !! 

I can't recomend those shop..

There are a lot of souvenir shop both sides of street !!

There are a lot of souvenir shop both sides of street !!

・Elephanta caves admission fee: Rs.600/per. 

Little bit high price, isn't it??

This is the Foreigners admission fee..

Indians admission fee is...

・also rip-off !?!? Over 10times defference between Indian and Foreigners !!!!

Indians admisshion fee is only Rs.40/per!!?

What is the defference!?!?

I hate here at this moment. I couldn't belive it..


elephanta caves admission fee and boat's time scedule.

・Remains so.

There are some big remains.

If you like watching remains, could be enjoy here.

and I'm not so interested in it, I didn't feel big impression.. 

Inside like that !!

Inside like that !!

・But there are a lot of wild monkey !! so cute!

I think better that I saw a lot of wild monkey!!

They are used to people, so they are safe if we don't hands out or we having food.(a person having food was stolen by monkey) 

Monkey came close when we sat.

Monkey came close when we were sitting.

・Be careful to persistent tour guide after get off a boat.

I was cought up  to a local tour guide as soon as get off a boat. I told him "I don't need it" over 10times, then he told me " It's okay just Rs,20/per". But it's uncertain that it can really be enough.  It was quite tough but finally gave him up.

Surely he is innocent and his English is clear, so I think he'll do perfectly. But I did it better. Because as you can see, there was unusual fee for foreigners!!

I bet It'll not finished only Rs.20 !!

There are a lot of wild dog too.

There are a lot of wild dog too.


Impressions: It doesn't have to go but it'll be killing time.

That's all about Elephanta caves.

It takes Rs.800 only boat ticket and admission fee and takes about 3hours.

If you don't hava another plan, better to go there.

But I think you don't have to go take trouble to do.

I strongly recommend the Sulm tour than there !!

It takes more money BUT It can get more things. 

★VELTRA:SLUM TOUR <from Mumbai>★