TOKYO Best price & Best taste TEMPURA is definitely here !! "KANEKOHANNOSUKE no TEMPURAMESHI"


Hello!! World!!

I'm Natsumi, 29old,Japanese.

I've lived in TOKYO about 9years.

So this time I'm gonna introduce...


If you'll come to Tokyo, Let's check it out !!

tokyo best price templa


KANEKOHANNOSUKE Tempura is definitly the best.

and I really love it !!

So many times I came here to eat Tempura!!


・Cheap !! about ¥1,000

Usually, Tempura is bit expencive in Tokyo.

Because  representitive food around here.

Other Tempura shop takes about ¥2,000.

But It's here only ¥1,000 !!

Plus...Sooooo delicious!!

and It has unique style serving.



Open kichen and L-counter.

You can see that chefs are coocking infront of you.

And you can eat free Appetizers while waiting serve.

(Black & Red & White bottle one !)

It's Japanese style appetizer, so Let's try them !!


Rice and Miso-soup are included order.

But be careful that it takes each ¥100, 

・extra rice ・refill rice・refill misosoup.


You can eat  just upped Tempura divide 2times!! 

Orderd Tempura is served divide 2times.

So you can eat piping hot Tempura!!

You must put it Sourse(between Rice and Misosoup) plenty.

Best much with Rice !!

kanekohannosuke tempura

Egg is soft-flied, the best how to eat is like that !!

Egg on a Rice, and put a lot of Source, and them !!

If you foregner, You've never eat like that !!

More better that put on the pepper !!   

※Japanese Eggs are fresh, safety and good nutritive. It able to eat raw. Every Japanese likes raw eggs!! Let's try it !!

egg tempura


Only 3kinds of menu !! (ana There are extra Tempura)

menu and price

Maybe.. There isn't English menu..

If you'll get troble, You'll show it  them !!

You have to choose one three of them,

( Tempurameshi or Conger-fishTempuramesh or ShrimpTempurameshi  )

and if you want to more eat, you'll order extra templa !!  

You can drink free Hot Blackbeen tea.

and maybe, water is free.

If you want to drink another, you'll order each drink refer to under Drink menu !!

・Tempurameshi  天ぷらめし ¥980

Shrimp, White-fish(Gurnard-fish), Mixed-Tempura of Squid(and other), Chiken, Egg, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Maitake-mashroom, Bean

・Conger-fish Tempurameshi 穴子の天ぷらめし ¥1380

Conger-fish, Shrimp, Mixed-Tempura of Squid(and other), Chiken, Egg, 

Pumpkin, Eggplant, Maitake-mashroom, Bean

・Shrimp Tempurameshi 海老の天ぷらめし ¥1380

Shrimp 4pcs,  Mixed-Tempura of Squid(and other), Chiken, Egg, Pumpkin, Maitake-mashroom

・Extra Tempurra

  • ¥580 Congre-fish 穴子
  • each ¥180  Shrimp 海老、 Mixed-Tempura of Squid(and other) かき揚げ、  Chiken かしわ、 White-fish(Gurnard-fish) ホウボウ 
  • each ¥150  Egg 卵、Pumpkin かぼちゃ、Eggplant 茄子、Maitake-mashroom 舞茸、 Bean インゲン


  • Beer ¥550  ビール
  • Lemon sour ¥450  レモンサワー

・Other Drink

  • Non alcohol beer ¥450  ノンアルコールビール
  • Black Chinese tea ¥300  黒烏龍茶
  • Orange juice ¥300  オレンジジュース


 Access "Kanekohannosuke Tempurameshi"

 In the end, Access to Kanekohannosuke.

There is near the Tokyo station.

But You must on the train and  change the one, so bit difficult.

Tokyo station (JR Chuo-line(orange line)) →Kanda station (next to Tokyo-station) → Change the train to Metro Ginza-line(yellow line) → Mitsukoshimae-station(next to Kanda-station)

The nearest station is "Mitsukoshimae-station"←Metro Ginza-line.

and go out from "A1 exsit".

And then, refer to the map.

1-11-15, Muromachi Nihonbashi, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo, JP

Be ceaful when you'll ask people !! 

 If you'll ask the place when you'll must say,

"Kanekohannosuke no Tempurameshi ".

Because There are Two Kanekohannosuke in this place,

more famous is just "Kanekohannosuke" and it Tempura style is Donburi ¥980. 

tendon kanekohannosuke

This is great too, BUT really small seat and shared table.

Plus, the stuffs are unkind..( Maybe The shop is really famous, super busy !!)


"Kanekohannosuke no Tempurameshi" aren't much known.

So even If you wait about 30 min.

("Kanekohannnosuke" waiting is usually over 1hour !!)

So I recomend strongly "Kanekohannosuke no Tempurameshi" !!

↓This is the fomal HP in English


If you'll come to Tokyo Japan, Let's try Tempura !!