This is Tokyo TSUKIJI Fish Market!! Howabout, Howtoget, Map here!!

This time (2019) what kind of shops there were in Tsukiji, what did I eat ... And I made a map around Tsukiji, please see it!

Tokyo cool event of summer is "Goldfish Wonderland" at Sumida Aquarium !!

This “Goldfish Wonderland” is the summer event of “Sumida Aquarium”, one of the Skytree facilities (Solamachi)!! Howabout, AdmissionFee, Access...etc Here!!

I went to the recommended Tokyo summer event "Art Aquarium 2019"

Tokyo's summer event "Art Aquarium 2019". There are 10000 goldfish on display. This is a Japan-like event!

TOKYO Best price & Best taste TEMPURA is definitely here !! "KANEKOHANNOSUKE no TEMPURAMESHI"

Hello!! World!! I'm Natsumi, 29old,Japanese. I've lived in TOKYO about 9years. So this time I'm gonna introduce... The Best TEMPULA in TOKYO!! If you'll come to Tokyo, Let's check it out !! KANEKOHANNOSUKE is the Best TEMPURA !! KANEKOHANN…