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Thai Travel Rep④The lowest price in Bangkok !? I went to Cheap massage!! about tip and price...?

I would like to introduce you to a massage shop I visited in Thailand that is very cheap and has a great location right by the river!How.. 100Baht an hour as of May 2019!

Thai Travel Rep③ I went to WatArun & WatPho by myself !! How to get to there!

Thailand is a very cheap public ship (15 ~ 32Bath!), So it is possible to go for 48Baht (about US$1.6 !!) even if it is only the fare for the boat! Let's go to Wat Arun & Wat Pho by yourself !!

Thai Travel Rep② Second time staying at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok.

Second trip to Thailand Bangkok! and Second time staying at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok!!Service, Facilities,Location...everythings is great!! It's a 5 star hotel.

Thai Travel Rep① How to take a Taxi from the Suvarnabhumi airport to the city hotel.

I got cheaper than the market price!! This article contains the following.. ・ How to use taxi at Suvarnabhumi Airport ・ What is a negotiated taxi (The reason why I fight is here!) ・How much is the price of a taxi from the airport to the…

I went to the recommended Tokyo summer event "Art Aquarium 2019"

Tokyo's summer event "Art Aquarium 2019". There are 10000 goldfish on display. This is a Japan-like event!

TOKYO Best price & Best taste TEMPURA is definitely here !! "KANEKOHANNOSUKE no TEMPURAMESHI"

Hello!! World!! I'm Natsumi, 29old,Japanese. I've lived in TOKYO about 9years. So this time I'm gonna introduce... The Best TEMPULA in TOKYO!! If you'll come to Tokyo, Let's check it out !! KANEKOHANNOSUKE is the Best TEMPURA !! KANEKOHANN…

This is the ANA Business class!! I got on it for the first time!!

Finally...the time has come.. I got on the ANA BUSINESS CLASS for the first time!!!! I used it Japan(Narita national airport) to Mumbai(Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) about 8hours flight in round trip!! It was different everyth…

Visited to the Elephanta Caves. It was a rip off island!?

※This page might be difficult to understand cuz I'm just learning English, sorry. but I wrote down in detail !! I'd love to read it if you planning in this Island. About a month passed from Mumbai travel !! I'm gonna write down about Mumba…

Here is a recommended NY hostel for women alone "THE LOCAL HOSTEL"

25 years old summer. I have been staying alone for a month in New York. Today I would like to talk about the hostel I stayed at that time! When I was still a specialized student full of dreams and hope, I stayed in New York alone for a mon…